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Okay so

‘Member when I said I’d explain what went wrong last Monday?


I ‘member!


‘Member when I didn’t do that?


I ‘member! Yeah, I ‘member!


Okay so.

To explain what the fuck happened on the Monday:

On Monday, I was being attacked by the website’s security, because something happened that had me going to HTTP this site and not HTTPS this site.


So the authenticator became a jealous boyfriend of WordPress and wouldn’t let me do anything with it for longer than a few minutes at a time.


That was Monday’s technical difficulties.


On Wednesday, after waking up from a night of idle clicking, I awoke to notice nothing on my PC was running.

Not a thing.

So I sat beside the box, booping the power button in vain, trying to get the fucking thing to work.

Not a thing.

So I pulled the CMOS button out to see if that thing spooked the motherboard any.

Not a thing.


At that point I had two big fears:

One, it was the PSU

Two, it was something else attached to the PSU, like the motherboard or the CPU.


That night I made an order at a province local computer parts store to try and get me a new PSU with two day shipping.


Fuck me if it didn’t take til today.


I’m here, I’m back, and there’s not much that can fuck my day up, seeing the innards back in this bitch working again.



I must remind myself to bother Josh to put the authenticator back on.


More OG-Chan on Friday!

Finishing this here staycation and fussing.


Cause nigga, PSUs aren’t cheap.

Fuck man.