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OG-Chan # 97 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 12


Let’s just pull the bandaid off, and it will all be fine.



I don’t really like ICP

The clown theme, the weirdo Juggalo culture, and the flagrant attempt to replace Christianity with a form of clown-shaped Evangelical Christianity

(like this fucking song)

is a bit overwhelming for me.  Just the whole sum of its parts.

Don’t like it.

Don’t care for it.

That said.

Even I have to admit they have more than a couple catchy songs, and have to give shouts out to Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J for actually managing to make a career out of this, and for inadvertently being advertisement vehicles for a type of pop that should only exist in Michigan.



Songs like Hokus Pokus, Great Milenko, and Piggie Pie top a few top ICP song lists (at least according to Google)

But I’m gonna focus on the one song I actually learned of them from



This was literally one of my more favourite songs from them until I got sick of it. It was dumb as fuck, and was one of the best songs to go yell out with what few friends I had when we wandered around in town like retards.

Played the ever-loving shit out of it. Didn’t much care for the music video, since I had this anxiety problem that activated with eyeballs? It was weird as fuck.

Still, brings some good memories listening to it.


Anyway. Aside from remembering this stupid shit:

Have a good Halloween night ya’ll, and don’t get chopped out there.