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OG-Chan # 91 – Are You Ready

Well then?

Are you?





It’s been a year.

A year on October 9th.

To another year then!

Most people celebrate their first years when doing something like this by making some special comic.

I call those shineys, and I’ve been putting them on OG-Chan’s Twitter and my own, and in somewhat unlikely places.

Not going to make one for the 1st year though.

Getting to your 1st year is easy.


When this nigga gets to the second year, that’s when I will celebrate by putting out a 2nd year shiney (Which will technically be the first year shiney).


That said, I gotta do something:

What I will do, however, is highlight some of my favourite songs I used from the previous year:

1st Song I loved the shit out of

This remix of Turn Down for What mixed with the Pillar Men song from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure.

2nd song I loved unconditionally

If everyone was aware of the Kazoo kid, this remix of his video by Mike Diva was one of the most hilarious things I seen in a long while.

3rd song I in fact endorse for president

And of course, the last song on the mixtape I loved the ever-loving fuck out of?
This song by @100percentAplus dedicated to me.
I love the shit out of it either way.

Check him out on his Twitter.

Now, semi-nepotism aside,
I want to thank each and every one of you for reading this comic, and would hope to see you again, for at least one more year.

Fuck yeah fam!
We did it!