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OG-Chan # 86 – Thunk PT 3

One of the stranger things I’ve ever heard in my time looking for music, was Beck attempting to rap.

I heard of this song first from a comic panel in Erfworld, decided to look into the song they had used, and found something that was.. Strange.

Beck apparently made this song to prove that he -couldn’t- rap. And judging from the lyric choices in the song, he was absolutely correct.

It is gonzo as fuck.




That said, the song is an excellent example of a gonzo rap song. The beat and the hook are perfect. Just enough to get stuck in a nigga’s head.

It is a very catchy song. I fucking love it.



Doing another game with theĀ @FreakOccurence

This time with Mutants & Masterminds.

Check the shit out when I get the link in a couple of weeks.