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OG-Chan # 83 – Question Period PT 6


this maybe gonna be good

Nothing to really note.

Other than maybe Hillary Clinton collapsing from pneumonia, brought on by her Parkinson’s.


You wanna know what I like?

Memes. I fucking love memes.

You know what I love more than memes though?


You know what happens when you mash them together?

Fucking this.

Can’t lie. Even thought Death Grips is pretty good, they are still a meme.

Even compared to Viper, who is the meme king of rap,

What's up you meme loving fuck
What’s up you meme loving fuck

…everyone has at least heard of one Death Grips song without knowing it. Everyone.

You are born knowing the fucking lyrics to I’ve Seen Footage.

Babies spontaneous break out into Bitch, Please.

It’s crazy.

And then you combine it into fucking vapourwave, and mwah, mwah. Fucking perfect. Well done.

I love this.