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OG-Chan # 81 – Question Period PT 4

You know what would be great?

If I would stop losing track of time holy shit – totally meant to take labour day off, and post today

but, as you will see below…


Been playing the new ARK expansion pack. Big uproar that, over them charging for a new expansion pack while still making the damn game.

Neat expansion pack though – live literally in hell and starve to death and die of thirst in the desert while monstrous predators linger all around.

Don’t know if it was worth $20 Canada bucks though, considering how frightfully difficult the whole game can be. Nerve wracking too, considering I gotta work with a friend of mine just to ensure I die only 1 out 10 times compared to.. 9/10 times meeting another player, creature, or whatever.

Madness. It’s absolute madness.


For times when I’m a little less nerve wracked, I like to play Farm Simulator.

Yes, I am a pleb, but hear me out.

That shit is calming when you come back home from a hard day at work.

Looking forward to the new one coming in Octoberish.

Watching the trailer for it got me this gem

Blue-grass rap from Gangstagrass. It’s a little weird, but again, I’m all for mash-ups now and again.

Especially one so well done as this.