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OG-Chan # 77 – Question Period PT 1


Nearly forgot it was Monday.

Fucking Starbound

You know what? It’s not a bad game. As long as you’re willing to put the work into modding the ever loving fuck out of it.

I use all these ones, btw.

Makes them kind of neat.


Started thinking of where OG-Chan came from the recesses of my head, and you know what popped out?

Cindy. Cindy McPhearson from the Boondocks.

Just how fucking crazy that little girl could be.

She must have seeped into my brain meats, cause I definitely see a bit of the little savage in Sandra.

Speaking of.

Today shall be the day I decide which is probably the most offensive Thugnificient song in existence.

I have decided..

If you got a better suggestion, go ahead in the comments!