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OG-Chan # 70 – Fleek Ride

Man so like

The teamspeak has gotten back into Initial D for a lil bit. And it has rubbed off on me.

So excuse this little segway into Eurobeat on our pure cinnamon bun waifu of a mix-tape.


Been looking into a toy figure for OG-Chan. Estimates for a one off production toy is roughly 86-110 CAD for me. Been pondering the issue for a while now, something like a year.

Would ya’ll be interested in such a toy? OG-Chan, maybe Darrell, probably at least Hiero. I don’t think I would want a toy of Default Chan, since I don’t own the rights to her.

It’s something to think about.

What would you be willing to pay for such a thing, if they were about a foot tall roughly?

Send me your thoughts. We’ll try and make this work.