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OG-Chan # 69 – Negotiations


StarCitizen is being a complete shit.

Cloud Imperium Games, you are a shit for the following reasons:

Denying refunds.

Changing the TOS to make refunds even harder.

Getting help from Paypal to basically steal money.

It’s bullshit, man. Chris Roberts is a shit. StarCitizen is a shit. All a shit.


So, outside of Chris Roberts Industry being a shit,

I’m getting new equipment at work. And I am probably going to hate it. Such is being an employee.


Also, you know who’s still pretty fucking hot?

Tara Strong.

Look at her at a post-Comic-Con dinner chilling out in a Harley Quinn costume.

God damn. For a lady in her 40s, I would be the first to attempt to pee in her butt. But likely not the first in line, good gracious.

As for music

A music video from one of the creepiest directors alive: David Firth

Check out Flying Lotus, and Never Catch Me