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OG-Chan # 672 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 151 Part Deuce



anyway uh


oh right yeah

yeah yeah

I keep forgetting that the uh




My zoomer at work is showing me some more good rap music


I mean


it’s pretty good




anyway uh


Oh right, you know what else is a big milestone?

This is the 64th of 64 image files in the short comic file

So it’s a new one soon!


I mean

It’s not gonna change anything for any of ya’ll

but like

It’s a milestone

for me




what a day at work

one zoomer calls in, gets the other to come in

day immediately improves



what a day




Also, uh.

Shit, I had a bunch of problems in the last few days

Like uh.

Okay my computer set up is a bit peculiar.

I have an AM3+ gigabyte board that I wanted to put an m.2 drive on

so I put it on an PCI-E board and it functions like an M.2 drive

And then like

Two days ago while playing Hunt, suddenly I lose access to the drive unknowingly, and come back home from work the next day to find my J: drive is uninstalled


So I get reseat it by tilting the PC some

and then fucking

This action somehow breaks my network port

so hours of fiddling with it came to ultimately fixing it by having to put in a 1×1 PCI-E ethernet port board on the tiny 1×1 pci-e port on the board






Ya’ll have a better weekend than I had a week

Go do things I wouldn’t do