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OG-Chan # 670 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 151

This question comes from Our Bray!

Honestly though

the best mustache is the mustache in your heart


the mustache that




honestly I lost my fucking train of thought ngl


No idea where the fuck I was going with this




Had a surprise day of work cause one of my girls called in sick

But uhh..



NO big deal

Had a lot of triple work today, not as a result of being called in but like uh




just everybody coming in god damn



Anyway, got a new zoomer at work and he brought in his speaker

Got a bunch of things I actually rather liked from him I’m gonna put on the mixtape


Like this here Joyner Luncas piece


god damn

give it a listen


it’s kind of how my brain feels NGL



anyway ya’ll have a good weekend errybody

go do the thing