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OG-Chan # 668 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 150

This question comes from OUR DICK!

Honestly NGL



I hate everything I’ve heard from Drakeo the Ruler specifically because he wet mouths the mic on 2/2 songs that I’ve heard to work out this question today.


Three big old songs being added to the list for perusal

but only two of them getting added to the mixtape because lmao

fuck Drakeo’s wet mouth


fight me

I despise the wet mouth noises of everybody and anybody and that noise takes me the fuck out

This one goes hard as shit. So hard that I fully understand why someone’d want Nipsey back

He’s all “I got money nigga” but from the perspective of someone who earned all that money

VL Mike’s beat & lines come hard, but there’s a weird similarity to another song that I can’t quite place that annoys me some


This one isn’t bad though. I could see why people would miss him.


Of the two songs I’ve heard from Drakeo the Ruler, I hate both of them

I hate this one the least




Wet mouths.

Not even once.



ANyway, besides all this..


Have a good week errybody!

Go do things I wouldn’t do