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OG-Chan # 665 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 148

This question comes from Our Spider!


mans really does a good job giving us questions in the official SuperNerdLand Discord (which has nothing to do with another couple of similar supernerds or a failing comedy show)








Oh, I didn’t have any idea for Wednesday unfortunately so here’s another question!


Also uuuuh






Nothing to add to the mixtape, but I just want you to listen to this peculiar ass song


I mean.

Black or Death Metal, right?

Standard shit for this genre.

Blast drums.

Heavy guitars that sound like a dirge.

Lots of cymbals and bass.

Crows squawking

Out of context movie quote.

Metal as fuck right?




Lots of screaming.



Plenty of screaming.




Holy fuck is there a lot of screaming.



All very standard. Very standard for Black metal.


Anyway, get to the breakdown.
Tell me what you think.





Anyway, uh. Have a good weekend errybody!

GO do everything I wouldn’t do