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OG-Chan # 661 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 145

This question comes from The Boys (But I’m p-certain it was Our Xavier who helped set it up):


yeah for real that’s how RnB works

it’s all about banging

all of it

even the songs about not peeing in your butt that R Kelly did


Which reminds me.

That motherfucker is in jail for 30 years.

30 years.




Damn man.


also the above was written just before a power outage so uh


I lost my train of thought lmao


son of a whore


I was probably gonna go post some



I mean.

I’m gonna now

but like

I was probably gonna too



now I have no idea who I was gonna post

I mean

I had an RnB song that got stuck in my head

I don’t think it’s real by any means but it catches like 80% of all RnB memes


Ooo gurl I wanna go farther baby

(Nut in yo face, nut in yo face)

Ooo gurl I wanna get in yo drawers baby

(Nut in yo face, nut in yo face)

Ooo gurl, bet yo bottom dollar baby

(Nut in yo face, nut in yo face)

Ooo gurl, gonna make you wild n crazy

(Nut in yo face, nut in yo face)



this kinda highlights my gripes with it


that said

it’s a nice song




ya’ll have a good weekend!

whatever’s left of it anyway, dam