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OG-Chan # 625 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 128

oki so

I can’t think of a way to make it funny for a fifth segment right now

but this always makes me laugh

cause like

a bunch of teenagers are just finding out that lean is actually a dangerous way to drink the codeine in cough syrup and isn’t just a meme drink




it’s kind of dangerous over the long term, as I found out via Chubby Emu


TL;DW in some people it turns into heroin  morphine more than it becomes anti-codeine


so uhhh

be careful with your weird ghetto meme drinks fam






If I find that song that reminds me of Sippin’ lean all clean on them 24s

fuck if I remember the actual song

I just remember how silly the music video was.

I think it’s on the mixtape.


Anyway, this’ll do.






Ya’ll should have a good weekend

(Don’t do any of the lean)