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OG-Chan # 621 – A Hefty Weight

mans would be heavy as all fuck, tbh, tbh





Anyway, uh.


Ya’ll remember Sevendust?

My particular music service reminded me they existed

and, not having quite had the opportunity to listen to albums back when I was a young lad to quite the degree that I wanted to

Took advantage of listening to this particular album

And it’s..

Nostalgic in a weird way.

I don’t know how else to describe what I’m currently hearing.

Mind you, I did partake a bit here and there of the eMule, Kazaa Lite, & even fricking Napster back in the day.



You know what, I think that’s what’s making me nostalgic.

I think I had this particular song in my old-ass Winamp playlist that was like some 1000+ songs long that I organized uh..

By band name, then song name iirc.


Frickin’ nostalgia.

Anyway, the rest of the album is fantastic, and I regret not being in a position to have supported them earlier than my working life.







Oh, that reminds me.

Next monday is Valentines and that comes with making bread dicks at work so no OG-Chan next monday


mmmmmaybe tuesday, but I might just hold out for the uh.


tiny fightmans games arc that Sandra’s going on.


Ya’ll should play some fucking Strive

it’s fantastic





Ya’ll have a good week!