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OG-Chan # 620 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 126 Part Deuce

maybe a tres

or a twoise


or whatever the fuck a three is




if I can make it funny.









Brain is getting kinda uppity.

I don’t know what it’s planning but I’m for it.




Had a bit of a dog scare today.

Got scared by my grandmother, saying that our dog Muffet wasn’t able to walk or stand up straight, and to ‘hurry home before the dog dies’


only tog et home

and then fucking


hear the dog barking

and normal


It turns out she ate something stupid and got sick

and proceeded to vomit it the fuck out



Don’t like that I had to ditch a bunch of stuff at work to tomorrow but whatever

anyway, have something strange


certainly fucking strange


ya’ll have a good weekend!

It’ll soon be time to do all the things