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OG-Chan # 618 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 126

I promise you this isn’t a subtle ad for Book Off (though I highly recommend their services)

they were just the only company I could think of

Also our Martyr loves them to bits


So I mean.





Yeah I’ve never played as Baiken in GGXRDR2

But I can see the appeal.

Can’t quite appeal my eyes from her as it is, however.






There’s something I feel like I should mention:


Every Friday I get my ass kicked here.

Come and watch us be mean to each other

Maybe come and join us too!





Not feeling like a sad boy, but our sad boys might appreciate this here song.


Our Oxnard brought it to my attention.


Poor lads that need it.

But I understand the need.




Have a good one and don’t need this here song too much, lads.

I don’t need it, but here it be.