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OG-Chan # 612 – Deadman’s Switch PT 2

so uh.


I had to take a week off.

Last monday I was gonna do a thing

But at the same time, I got sick on the fucking 22nd

And just had no energy to anything

so I’m all like




Im gonna take the week off”

and I did

and so

here we are


ya’ll have a good crimbas?

I did.

I had a decent crimbas.

And an okay new year.

I mean.



New Year same as the old year.



No matter.


In other news, rember nu metal

For those who aren’t boomers, nu metal was what happened when you let metal nerds rap


And it wasn’t bad, for the most part.


But like.

This here was actually a pretty good return to tradition.



Our Bray brought it to my attention.




It’s p-good.


In any matter.



Have a good week! I know I dinnit