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OG-Chan # 610 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 123 PT 3


I have the only Mario Judah song I’m aware of (There are probably more but I don’t care)

stuck in my head.

It’s somewhat of a repost week.


I mean, I got some other music as well.


But that song right now is just stuck in my head as a result of reaching an arc ending in the tabletop game I am running.




This also became available due to our Josh making a joke about his character.




So uh.


I don’t hate it, but I’ve never seen the movie.


Also I gotta stop getting distracted by youtube vids about making yeast soup.


No for real.

Go boil a packet of yeast until it dies.

Put that shit in your home made soup.


It’ll taste fucking phenomenal.

I must try this.





Ya’ll have a good weekend!