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OG-Chan # 606 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 122

No, Our Fetusberry really did write all this out.

And you can too!

Just click this here link and join the Supernerdland Discord and be around Discord roughly.. Once a month on a Friday and wait for me to ping @everyone for a question for OG-Chan.

I will do my best to get them answered, first come, first serve.




Also you can see what the rest of us in the SuperNerdLand cabal are up to these days.








Lots of hecks today.

A very caribbean man runs one of the cab companies in town and he reminded me of this song’s existence


It’s a fucking banger is what it is.




Nothing really to report. Ya’ll have a good one and a soon to be happy Christmas, aye?


(Do all the things)






also you know what would help


rendering the fucking comic while writing


Now I gotta ramble on for a little bit longer while I wait for comipo to do the fucking thing.


I hate Reddit, ngl.

But like.

Sometimes I wanna post on it.

But then like.

I don’t wanna go through all the fucking hassle just to gain karma.

Then get bangers all the time.

And avoid pissing off the people with cunting agendas.


Which makes me kind of angery cause I wanna talk about C:DDA, and there’s nobody I know who fucking likes to talk about it other than one of my boys from my personal discord.






Okay now it’s done rendering.