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OG-Chan # 60 – A Good Boy

Gotta love the race card right?

I fucking hate it to be honest.

Being brown should not give me power over any one; no matter how much a nigga without melanin is related to any other that has harmed anyone tangentially related to me.

The world was less civilized back then, in all races and peoples, and holding people to the crimes of their ancestors will not do the one thing we all need:


Pulling the band-aid constantly won’t heal the wounds of the past.


Enough heavy shit for right now.

I think what set this off, was probably this weird vapor-wave like music Dick found for me.

Added to the mix-tape anyway. It’s some good shit.



Oh shit, we mentioned that right?

Yeah, we got a mixtape for this comic now, featuring most (Not all) of the music featured here.

I’ll get a link up in the couple days somewhere, mostly as a joke.

So keep an eye out!