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OG-Chan # 583 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 109

Our question today comes from Our Dick, go check him out!


You know.

Asking OG-Chan questions was just an out of the blue thing for me one day, now that I think about it.

To me, these questions I get from you are our most treasured resource.

Without them, I don’t know if I could have gone.. Some.. nearly 600-ish comics by our rapidly approaching anniversary.

I appreciate you all for being the source for so many fucking laughs.

God damn.




God damn.

How time flies when you make a little anime girl say the N-word.




It’s been what, five years? God damn, nearly five years soon on October 10th.


Still no comic book on the horizon.

I have to kind of get my ass to writing that sooner or later.


Or even a TL;DR version of this here comic.



I honestly don’t know if I’m up for it.



I’ll figure it out one way or another.

Today’s addition to the mixtape is a band called ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS

It’s uh..

Fucking something to hear Blue Monday out of nowhere while some folk play it on.. A fucking air conditioner, CRT tvs, and a pair of fans.



Despite the approach of the week of OG-Chan, I hope ya’ll have a good week!


I know I am.