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OG-Chan # 569 – Perchance Some Misdirection



So, I didn’t wanna comment on it until the dust settled but CWC is now in jail for..

Fucking his mother. Now, that’s not bad enough, she has dementia, so that means it is rape.

And then he fucked up and stole money from her bank account after getting an EPO placed on his bullshit.

So now CWC is in jail.



I rember, back in the day, that literally anything he did caused me psychic damage.

No matter what video.

It was awful.




You know what’s the opposite of awful though?

I don’t mean to be a shill, I’m not getting paid to mention this but


Minecraft’s new netherealm soundtrack is fucking lit.

Our Dick brought this to my attention.





Ya’ll have a good week.

I’m gonna do my best.