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OG-Chan # 562 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 100

I’ve been saving this for fucking months.

I’mma be real with you, I never thought I’d be able to link the reveal of Omaha and this question together.


But sometimes shit just lines up.

God damn.




You know what made me swear a lot in the last few days?


Not out of being mad, no, nono.


Anything but being mad at what was given to me.

We received OG-Chan crossover fanart!

I’ve done everything in my power to spread this shit absolutely everywhere I have power to spread things to.




It’s amazing. Simply amazing.

Go check out his comic here!

Anyway, this caught my ear in a zoomer discord I lurk now and again.


It’s pretty good honestly.



Ya’ll should have a good weekend.

Do Everything I Wouldn’t Do.


Including asking awkward questions of random strangers on The Street.