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OG-Chan # 55 – Mein Hertz Brennt


Just think. We’re on the path to having a website for OG-Chan. It’s like 90% done. And you can see it.

And it’s just.

I don’t know man.

I am too full of emotion right now.

Maybe that’s why this is so soppy right now.

Here’s something neat though, for any Rammstein fans in the audience. Something I’ve never heard before: An official version of this song done entirely in piano.

I fucking love it.

The make-up and dress in the video is a bit too overdone for me. It looks as if someone had contracted Robert Smith’s make-up artist, and then had Till Lindemann huff a can of metallic paint while using it to coat his face; but I suppose that’s just how Rammstein do, ramp everything up to 11 and then yell at it in German.


Let’s check out some party music to change the mood a lil bit!

Music from a degenerate furry.

Listen to that fucking thick ass booty house anthem. Makes a nigga want to listen to more degenerate furry music videos.

But nah.

Not right now.

This is enough degeneracy for anyone.

Especially for me.