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OG-Chan # 544 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 91

The Article in Question

kinda dodging responsibility but while the metal is kinda lukewarm, figured I’d pay homage to a rather odd youtube comment we received during a live edition of GP5’s livecast stream.


I mean.


It’s a good comment.



I forget who it was that made the comment, but our Optimus suggested I turn it into a comic, since it sounded like OG-Chan wrote it.


Anyway, the uh.. Frick.


Lost my track of thought by going to another window while writing that so I have no idea what I was gonna write.




Maybe I should have writ it down.






What was I gonna write.


Now that’s gonna bug me for a little bit.




Not today’s song, cause I don’t have one.

What was it.





Maybe I’ll update later if I remember what it was.


Dang it.

Anyway, have a good weekend, I know I won’t cause of this. Dangit.