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OG-Chan # 530 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 89



You know who brought this to my attention?

Our Instigator.


Frick. You know who asked this question today? Our Optimus




I had no idea what to do.

I mean.

I have a plan (Arthur)


I always say I have a plan.


But I have a plan.







In any matter, ya’ll have a good weekend.

One day I will have things to write abou-


Wait, shit, no, I do!

Peregrine, the comic I was kinda on the sidelines for and doing suggestions and shit for is gonna close out soon!


You should go see about getting a copy before we finally close out sometime this month!




Now, go see that link.

Get yoself a big tiddy hawk girl comic.

Frick. Then have a good weekend ya’ll!

Do things I won’t do.