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OG-Chan # 524 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 86

I’m gonna be real with ya’ll.

I haven’t watched any of this.


Not cause I don’t like Big Robots slapping the fuck out of other Big.. Things.


No, no, no, I just haven’t had the time, and even while the Boyz are catching up and watching it, I don’t like watching stuff by myself, and they tend to get farther ahead than I do, so my brain gets fussy and doesn’t wanna watch it cause I missed some of it so it’s kind of a pain in my mental ass.



So there’s this mixer on Youtube, called uh.. Raisins.


Mans does some good work, but Our Dick brought this to my attention.

kinda spooky, but it’s breddy good.




Anyway, aside from giant robot musings, I think ya’ll should try and have a good weekend.


Do all the things I wouldn’t do.