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OG-Chan # 516 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 81


so many beans.



So many beans, dang.






So uh.

All these beans are spheres.

I probably could have done this easier with some pngs or something but uhhh..


It’s for the beans.



So anyway.

ONTO the mixtape


It’s kinda hard to explain why beans all of a sudden across Minds & Twitter.

But the long and short of it is this-






The longer part needs a bit more explaining. So here’s a bunch of steps to start your own beanposting:

First, know a bipolar redneck who has a history of fedposting.

Second, said bipolar redneck must know where his neighbour’s beans are.

Third, have a superior edit man who is high out of his mind eating beans when he learns of this.

Four, said superior edit man must be a fan of Ocarina of Time.

Fifth, ????

Sixth, PROFIT.


In any case, enjoy the magic beans posting while it’s roiling across Minds.

It’s gonna be great.

There are no rules.

Just beanpost.