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OG-Chan # 507 – A Treasure Stolen

So uhhhh. This here page is what he’s reacting too, lmao.



I swear it all links together, somehow.


You know what doesn’t really link together?

The uh.





I went to go look to see what I added and 21 Savage was on there.

And it was not too bad.

So I went to go look up to see what he’s been up to.


And this uhhhh. ISn’t bad.

I mean it’s not great.

But it isn’t bad.




No matter.

We’re approaching Crimbas.

Even though it kinda doesn’t feel like Crimbas.

We’re gonna have Crimbas in some way.



Also, choice quote of the night from one of the lads.

I can feel it.

Have a good week everybody!


Except Bubba I guess.