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OG-Chan # 493 – Shadow Work

God damn it.

I had anime music stuck in my head at work for three hours straight.


This fucking song.

It’s not going on the mixtape, it’s just that it was stuck in my head.

For three hours straight.


Just the chorus too, I think.




God damn though, for three hours straight.


My earworm fucking hates me.

Or I was super kawaii and happy today.

One of the two.



Anyway, our Bubba brought this to my attention (He doesn’t have a twitter cause he got yote from that accursed place)


It’s uh.


Pretty lit. Or something.



It’s a hell of a lot better than STEP for 3 fucking hours.



So mad.

So mad at the kawaii cute little girls singing happily.




Ya’ll have a great weekend!

Do all the things I wouldn’t do.