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OG-Chan # 485 – Sleepy PT 2

Frick so like.

One morning, I was waking up, and sometimes my earworm takes a few minutes longer to wake up, right.

So bizarre shit sometimes starts playing out of it before I finally reach consciousness.

And so.

This was one of the more bizarre things to come out of the earworm.


Where My Bonnie was replaced with My Nigga.


It was bizarre.





Today’s song was brought to my attention to by Our Dick


Ya’ll remember the Avalanches and how they never did nothing for a whole fuck-ass long time?



This is their new stuff.

It’s pretty good.




No matter.


Still on vacation and being less stressed the fuck out.

It’s pretty good.




Any matter.

Ya’ll should have a good week yall!

The time for doing things I wouldn’t do is over.