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OG-Chan # 478 – Intimidation

Gonna admit to something strange.


I used to have a fear of eyes.


I ono how I got over it, but just.. Over exposure to them.


Not like normal eyes, no, they had to have something wrong with them.


Like something would be super focused on them.


Or there had to be more than one in an irregular pattern.

Very peculiar fear I used to have.


I ono.


I wish I knew how I got over it.




It’s gonna be OG-Chan’s 5th anniversary soon. Ish?




I really oughta put it in my calendar or something, but I just don’t trust my phone apps these days for whatever reason.


It’s rather troublesome.


Also I guess no, no, a little bit of that eye fear stuck with me.

Otherwise this wouldn’t have bothered me.


Frick. Thanks Zeal




Our Bray reminded me this exists, and I can’t remember if it’s on the mixtape or not

But fuckin’


Linkin Park with Mongolian throat singing.

So it’s just.. The song with umlauts.

Ïïïvë bëëcöme söö nüümb


Fucking god damn it.


In any matter.. Ya’ll have a good weekend everyone!