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OG-Chan # 475 – Contemplation

Something about this comic made me not want to add any words.


Frick I ono what it is.


Some kind of instinct or what have you.




In any matter, it has been a busy week.

You know what song I’m actually kind of liking at the moment?

The one Ben Shapiro of all people hates.



Well. Big-asses are a part of it, but that’s not all, no no no.


This is competent rap.

Which is unexpected.

As if it shouldn’t be expected for a former stripper to use her gigantic ass to draw attention.



I know I appreciate giant asses.




In any matter. Don’t over work your p-word to these girls with their giant a-words talking about their own p-words with their w-words.


Is this how it works?




In any matter, have a good week ya’ll!

(don’t lose your p-words)