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OG-Chan # 468 – Being Prepared



Our Instigator found a fucking classical latin cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit.



Just listen to it.




I ono.


It’s been a weird week.

Been home by myself a whole lot and I don’t mind it.


Cat’s a big needy cunt right up until she won’t let me pet her.

That big whore.






Around my area, the virus hasn’t hit too bad, despite re-opening.


It’s gonna be okay, I think.

If our Zeal is correct, there’s gonna be an etch-mark on all of our DNAs for going through this.

Like uh.

Frick. There was a famine in the netherlands, and all them people got notches in their DNA that fucked them up.


We’ll be okay eventually, I think.


It’s all gonna be okay.


Anyway, ya’ll have a good weekend!

Do all the things I wouldn’t do but safely.