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OG-Chan # 460 – Brothers Unite PT 2

the frick is going on



I has a plan


I ono what the plan is

but I have it.



In other news, I uh.



I have 68 pages of document written up so far.

About a story involving a magic trucker.


Did fuck all with it during quarantine.

Just spent that time fuckin uh.



Rendering a rimworld colony that collapsed under the weight of the 130+(minimum) mods I forced it to endure.


40+ days of work gone.




It can’t be helped.


I think I would have gotten this here post out earlier but I our Bray reminded me that this song exists

so I spent fucking.. An hour-ish? Listening to various versions of it.




Rah. Anyway. Ya’ll have a good weekend!


I’ll have something for the mixtape on monday I think.


Gotta get back into that habit again.