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OG-Chan # 459 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 64

You know what comic is fucking great?



It doesn’t have a website

But you know what it does?


RPGSpiderBoss’ imgur which has all his posts.




It’s great.

Fantastic even.


We have an intertwined joke that won’t make sense without this comic so I better get it up before all this shit goes down.




So uh.

Yeah, the datacenter on our server got blown up – but, after the hard work of our other partners on the server, we (read: Bray) managed to get this here site back in order.


I know.

I was panicking myself brosephians.


It’s okay.


We’re all gonna be okay.



For real, go look at RPGBossmonster’s stuff.

Each issue has like 260 panels. All handdrawn in MS-paint I think.


Could be


But it is something to pay attention to.


THere’s 9 volumes go read em








Anyway, ya’ll have a good week!