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OG-Chan # 458 – Brothers Unite

ah, sorry sorry sorry.

Just haven’t felt like writing a blog post as of late.



Should get back into it.


Instead of, y’know.


Yelling at things.


I got a new mattress today!


I got my anvil the other week.


And now I just gotta wait on my chair, and breadmaker.




Laid on the mattress already.

I can’t feel my bones onnit.


Still smashing away at that story I’m writing.

I ono where to put it to show off a sample or two.

It’s nowhere near ready.


Maybe bug me on Twitter and I’ll show you what I got if you want.





Haven’t been listening to music lately, but I have been listening to & watching Vtubers.


It’s a bit fucking weird.



Anime girls.

But they can swear.

Or act fucking weird.

Or break down and cry.

Hololive runs a stable of these girls and helps them stream.

It’s not a bad racket, honestly, since they’re entertaining to watch.



Maybe I should watch them less so the mixtape doesn’t completely die, lmao. ;~;



I ono.



Ya’ll should have a good weekend, and don’t do things I wouldn’t do.

(Since restrictions are lessening in places, this may be a concern.)