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OG-Chan # 455 – Insistence

Frick. Had no idea what to write last time but I’mma be quick here, maybe.



So this here was brought to my attention by our Oxnard and it’s.. ACtually pretty fuckin’ lit. God damn.






I ono what else to say about it, but our Dick points out that these types of mashups work because they each share a similar BPM & common keys.

So you can shove each song into each other’s melodies and it wouldn’t feel out of place.


Tryna hurry, cause fuckiin

Satisfactory came out and I got gifted a copy so I can go do autism number infrastructure cruncher thingers.


It’s gonna be neat.


You know what’s gonna be neat?

I got an anvil.

It’s a 25 lb thing from India. Now I just gotta build a cheapo forge.



So many little things.

I learned how to bake (again) now just gotta keep my sourdough thing alive.

Now just to learn how to this properly and see what comes out.




(I even got a book to learn from this)




Have a good week errybody!