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OG-Chan # 444 – ????


Maybe I should make myself clearer.







These quarantine days are kinda getting to me fam, but y’know what.

Fuck em.


It’s all gonna be okay.

My area’s starting to open up again.


God dang.


Two songs today.
One’s sorta a rehash.

RMR did a ‘live’ ish playback of Rascal.

He still doesn’t trust his voice but this one came out better, IMHO.



And our Jake really loves MFDOOM


Which is why this cypher he did with Bishop Nehru’s actually not bad.

I say he carries the song myself.

I don’t know who Nehru is, but he’s not half bad.





Ya’ll should take care of yourselves, and stay healthy.

Have a good weekend ya’ll.