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OG-Chan # 439 – Art Appreciation

honestly I have no idea who any of the art that is all fuzzed up belongs to.






Ya’ll holding together? I think I am.


In any matter, it’s gonna be okay.

They’ve figured out at least two sets of medications ([hydroxychloroquine, azithromyacin, zinc] & [ivermectin]) that can fight the Coronavirus.



It’s gonna be okay.




I’m not used to not drinking 20 oz of black coffee a day so I’ve had to make my own in a French press.


It’s actually breddy gud, but it’s plenty greasy.

It’s not good for me but it’s one price to pay.





There’s like.

An hour of Aesop Rock on the mixtape, and our Jake

just.. Keeps showing me that I gotta add even more.



I mean. Just listen to that.

Can’t get sick of that weirdo.




THat reminds me.

I was gonna mention something.

In my brain I keep uh..

Anthony De Fantano’s face for Aesop Rock for some reason even though Aesop Rock definitely doesn’t look like Anthon De Fantano.

It’s uncanny how much they don’t look at all alike


I ono.

My brain is fucked.



Ya’ll have a good weekend, and keep indoors, it’s all gonna be okay!