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OG-Chan # 434 – Cooped Up

This was by executive decision. >.>

All apologies to gmcfosho

Though otoh, I’m not against it since it’s funny as hell.


Only making this one here quarantine joke (for now) cause we’re well on the path to beating it.


No thanks to fucking Communist China.




I mentioned I apologise to gmcfosho?

Cause uh.

I’m sorry gmcfosho but this is too fire not to cover right now.

Go give that a listen. It’s on the mixtape.





Lost my job, but it’s okay, I’m gonna have EI to cover me for the period of the quarantine.

It’s gonna be okay. Boss was helpful in all regards.


Ain’t that the least we can hope for though?

That everything will be okay?




It’s gonna be okay. There is a fucking cure on the horizon that has to be cured (a pair of anti-malaria drugs) and Beyer’s donating their stores of it to help.

Everything’s gonna be okay.

Gonna take some time, but empires move slowly, and then overtake everything all at once.


It’s their way.

It’s gonna be okay.

You know what ya’ll should have? A good weekend.


I’m gonna have an okay one myself.

Go do things I wouldn’t do.

(Just inside)