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OG-Chan # 430 – Captive Audience

oh no poor Darrell


how will he survive this mess


will I ever show who’s being silhouetted


who knows





Been getting into some particularly manly comics lately.

Once they get delivered, I’ll show pics and put a link here to show em off.



They’re honestly pretty tough looking.

Before I forget, the background is from here


neat what you’ll find by looking for particular usage rights on der google.





Our Dick found this here video from Evilnine & Aesop Rock

god damn it fucking slaps

Vid’s a bit peculiar but the song though?

god damn




Anyway, ya’ll should take care during this here coronavirus thing

It’s all over the place now.

Take normal precautions.

Not American ones where you buy far too much toilet paper.

Regular ones, like don’t touch your mouth, nose or eyes, and wash your hands.




Have a good weekend, and don’t do anything!