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OG-Chan # 429 – A Problem for a Barrister PT 2


Yes, those are their model names.


You’ll have to ask Me from three to four years ago why Professor Tokugawa’s model name is Kowalsky.


I have no idea, myself.





You know what’s bullshit though?

Ya’ll remember on Friday I linked that there RMR song called Rascal?

It turns out Rascal Flats tried to copyright claim it.




Ah well.


Fuck em all.



You know what probably won’t get copyright claimed?

Today’s song that was found by Negative Vibes


Look at that. MF Doom, Aesop Rock, Slug, and the Molemen.

God damn.

All kings. All of them.


I should put more Aesop Rock on the mixtape.






Ya’ll should keep safe.

It’s still not quite safe out there right now.

Have a good week nevertheless!