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OG-Chan # 427 – What a Misunderstanding



Thanks Turbosquid and your guys for making object files.


Ya’ll is a godsend. ;~; (I don’t get paid for mentioning them, I just use their users’ stuff very occasionally)


Like that shotgun.


Needless to say it’s a good site, ya’ll should credit em people what you nick from.




So uh.

Tariq Nasheed, before he became a black supremacist, was not actually that bad of a rapper.

What he was, was very adamantly against fat hoochies.


Especially nasty ones.


This ain’t going on the mixtape, I just found it funny- actually, you know what, it’s going on there, fuck it.

I am the captain of this here bullshit and funny rap is just as valid as the serious stuff.





Ya’ll should have a good week and try not to get killed by coronavirus.

(So do things I would do)