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OG-Chan # 420 – Hitting that Dank

Hrm. They’re up to 60 million quarantined now.




Ah well. No worries.

I’m sure the Chinese are capable of maintaining this state of affairs-

Oh fuck they’re calling for massacres, mobs, & riots.



Well. At least I had a joke in mind for today!





Today’s song isn’t bad. Dank seems to be aight, being kinda new on the scene.

Kind of a search engine unfriendly street name, though. Also I got a complaint: When he tries to rush his lyrics though, he kinda… Sucks?

Ah well. Lil Jairmy sucks worse than he does. The beat fucking slaps though. Pity about the rap on top of it. >.>



Ya’ll have a good week, and try to stay healthy, alright?

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.