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OG-Chan # 419 – Dream of Stranger Times

ah frick. I got no idea for a joke for #420..




I’ll think of something.

Or try not to acknowledge it and hope ya’ll will forgive me. ;~;






(maybe the second)


Man, so.

Wuhan’s apparently turning into Raccoon City.

15 cities now so far.

Shit, what can we do?


Probably nothing for them.


Yeah. Can’t say nothing about that.


Not that any of the Chinese citizens can either.

Considering what, they’ve cracked down on this already?


Trying to hide its spread again like SARS, but less of an unfortunate incident, and more of an accident while looking at these plagues in the Wuhan facility.



Can only speculate at this point.

I got no music today.

Today’s too grim, but to be fair, it’s always kinda grim in a way.

It’s us that can find the good parts of a situation.

That’s what we do.

Find the silver lining.


Maybe this’ll be the year the Communist party shits itself and dies, who the fuck knows.


That’s all we can hope for that comes out of this.