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OG-Chan # 417 – Hijack PT 2



What a week.

It’ll be alright bois.




Honestly, not a whole lot to write about at the moment, lads.

But, not sure if I posted what I found on the free music archive.


Okay, so.


Kinda got autism, so I find games like car mechanic simulator interesting.

There’s a reason I’m mentioning this.


So. In order to cut down costs for licensing, they get tracks from the Free Music Archive to play over the radio, and the newest edition of Car Mechanic Simulator has a lot of radio stations.

I immediately got sick of the main electronica station, got kinda fond of the dollar store cover tracks in the country/rock station, but it was the underground rap station that uh..

Cullah of all things was there.

And it’s from there I heard this absolute fire.

Here’s the fing:

Most, if not all of Cullah’s tracks are on free music archive, not just the album that this fire track came from.



There’s just so many, go have a look


Well. Guess I lied about not having something to write about.






Ya’ll have a good weekend anyway!

Do all the things I wouldn’t do.