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OG-Chan # 416 – Hijack

I don’t know if I’m up for it, but I’m gonna make an attempt.




But she’s right.

I gotta close that particular hole before I move on with the story.


So here we are.




Regarding today’s song..

So I found out from uh, Our Bray, that Beck tried to do more rap.

And like everything he attempts, he makes it good somehow.

Even when he’s all

“Nuh, don’t let me rap, I rap terribly.”

Then pulls this shit.


Fuck that.

Let the man rap.

He’s got the rhythm for it. That’s all he fucking needs.

He could fucking El Mudo an entire song for all I care, and it’d sound great.




It’s Monday innit?

Ya’ll need to have a good week!


I’ll figure something out.